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    Learn a Bhangra Dance Routine

    Learn to Bhangra Dance at home with the brilliant Jodi Dancers.Their award winning Bhangra fitness sessions get RAVE feedback – you learn the dance moves and then build them together into a dance routine – it is really good fun, they make it easy to follow and its such a good workout! Here is their first one for you – let us know how you get on!!

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    Round Up of the Coolest Websites and Apps

    I have added a new page to the website! On the What Shall We Do? Facebook Group, there have been links to some amazing websites: Shark Tracker, Radio Garden, Black Hole Simulator, Pointer Pointer and more. So I have collected…

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    I have a youtube channel!

    I have got a YouTube channel now where I am putting videos on how to make and do things. My first video is How to Make Bubble Foamers and Bubble Foam Snakes. If you like it please give it a…

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    Send in your ideas!

    Send me your ideas of things to do or places to go that you really like and I will put them in the Randomiser! And remember to tell me why you like it. You can email me at admin@whatshallwedo.co.uk or…

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    Join the Really Useful Facebook group

    Join the Facebook group where we will post ideas for things to make, do or go to, and where you can post links to places you’ve been or want to go. You can ask questions from people who have already…

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    Thank you!

    Hi Sam’s mom here! He’s thrilled by the response to his website and is busy adding some new ideas on now. He has had tons of brilliant suggestions in today so thank you so much it’s so much fun for…

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    a mom’s view of the idea generator

    Hello, Sam’s mom here. We’ve used the idea generator in one form or another for years now, I love it! Sometimes I get tired of always deciding what to do, and I just want someone else to give me a…

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    What is my idea generator

    My name is Sam. This is my Random Idea Generator. When me and mom want to think of something to do in the holidays, we used to use my idea generator to choose something. It used to be a cardboard…