Scientist Sam’s Electronic Circuits Kit 5 Projects in 1!

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A unique electronic circuits STEM kit aimed at ages 10+ (or even a couple of years younger if they have a special interest in circuits), which introduces kids to basic electronic concepts, how to use breadboards, jumper wires and how to make circuits.

This has been designed in collaboration with electronics mad kids, for electronics mad kids, to create a fun, engaging and creative electronic circuits kit that will allow kids to learn at their own pace with watchalong video tutorials, develop electronics skills and knowledge, and feed their thirst for knowledge and love of science.

The five projects are:

1. A simple buzzer circuit
2. A simple lightbulb circuit
3. An infrared detector
4. A wireless transmitter/receiver
5. A tri-tone buzzer circuit

This electronic circuits kit is perfect for kids who love science, electronics and all things STEM. Fun, educational and has the scope to create more projects through free play and investigation.  This uses exciting components that are connected on mini-breadboards.  Get a head start on learning electronic circuitry and feed their imagination!

The simple light circuit and simple buzzer circuit will introduce the basics of breadboards, jumper wires and connectivity.  The remaining three projects will introduce how resistors work in more complicated circuits that will challenge and delight mini scientists.

The components of this kit can be used to explore further projects using the mini-scientist’s own creativity.  They can experiment with swapping LED lights for buzzers, or adding elements to circuits.

The kit is accompanied by an instruction leaflet, and video tutorials on our YouTube Channel showing how to build the five projects.

Kit contents:

1 x wireless transmitter & receiver
1 x PIR sensor
4 x mini-breadboards
3 x battery holders with on/off switch
5 x LED lights
5 x 330ohm resistors
4 x push buttons
5 x male-to-male jumper wires
10 x male-to-female jumper wires ( 2 x 3 wires, 1 x 4 wires)
2 x buzzers
2 x 10K ohm resistors


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