Best Websites And Apps on the Internet

Here are some of the best websites and apps for spending time on the internet. a treasure trove for procrastinators!

Send me your favourite websites – but only the best get in!

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The Radio Garden is one of the best things I have found on the internet. You need to use it on your phone. Each green dot on the Spinning Globe represents a live radio station. Click on it to hone in and listen to the live station. It tells you the station name and town and country. You can use it just to listen to music around the world, or as part of an education tool. It’s amazing!


Really interesting and I enjoyed every second of scrolling down to the deepest part of the ocean and seeing what was down there!

Random Street View

This is exactly that – a random street view from around the world.  Click next for another! It’s really interesting and addictive, I love seeing what other places look like around the world.  

It can be educational as well as fun – and help you plan where to go on holiday!


This shows you not only the current position of sharks all over the world, but turtles, dolphins, whales and alligators too!

Each one is named so you can track it’s progress across the ocean. You can even search by name or species! Really cool!


Gravity Points

Create black holes in space on your phone or PC! There are particles floating on the screen. Tap or click the screen to create a simulated centre of gravity and watch the particles flock to it.  Create more black holes and see what happens! You can increase the number of particles and turn whether they affect each other on and off.  The black holes can combine to make super black holes! It’s mesmerising. 


This is the most random thing I have ever seen but it’s brillaint. Just move your cursor or tap the screen on your phone, and the site will find a photo of someone pointing at your pointer. 

It sounds insane but is really fun!


100,000 STARS

This is incredible! It’s an interactive 3d map of the stellar neighbourhood. Tour the Galaxy and learn facts about the stars.

It’s a beautiful site and really makes you think about how small Earth is and everything that’s out there.


I can spend ages on this. You start off with base elements – earth, fire, water, air. Combine them and see what you make!

You work up and up combining things and get some really surprising results! There are 580 things to make. Can you get them all?


This is awesome. I have been doing this for ages now.  You can use the desktop site or phone app.

You pour layers and layers of different coloured sand to create patterns and art.   The sound of the sand pouring is like white noise and it is SO theraputic and relaxing. Try it!



Create hypnotic patterns, blend colours, change the symmetry, and lose yourself in colour and pattern! You can save your designs too!


This is a fun vocabulary game where you can choose the difficulty level from the menu and improve your vocabulary! 

It’s called Free Rice because the ads that are displayed in the game all generate revenue which goes towards the United Nationa World Food Programme.

Galaxy Zoo

Help real scientists with their research online by classifying pictures of galaxies.

But that’s not all! Click on the PROJECTS menu and you can help with lots of other research projects covering lots of different topics. It’s really fun too!




This is a really fun game that also improves your geographical knowledge! You are dropped into a random Google Streetview and you have to guess where in the world you are. 

Choose the country you think your’re in from the map in the corner and then click GUESS and see how close you were.