Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles

The most extraordinary bubbles!

The most incredible giant bubble kits, paint bubbles, dog bubbles and more!

Paint Bubble Kit
Put people inside a GIANT bubble!
Blow a mountain of paint bubbles

We love Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles! They sell everything you could want to play with bubbles at home or in the park. They also sell professional bubble things for professional bubbleologists (like my mom!)

You can get starter giant bubble kits, pocket bubble kits, peanut butter bubbles for dogs (!), scented bubbles, sensory bubble kits, bubble foam play, their own special mixture for mega giant bubbles, and a new product of theirs, bubble paint kits that you can do bubble painting with! They also have loads of giant bubble wands so you can make masses of giant bubbles in your garden, park, or from your balcony.

Mom says: bubbles are as much fun for adults as well as children, trust me! I think I love playing with bubbles more than Sam! Bubbles are sensory, relaxing, joyful and keeps your hands really clean! ;D We will make a video of bubble play ideas you can do at home and post in the Facebook Group and Instagram page.

Dr Zigs sent me a bubble paint kit to try out and it was so much fun! In the very nice bag, it came with a bottle of ready-to-go bubble mix, a bottle of paint, a straw, a foamer and some instructions.

I think that it is a really great product, and the thing that I like best is how abstract it is. Art comes in many forms, and this is amazing example of that.

The kit comes with special bubble paint, but most other paints work as well. Even if you don’t have any paint, you can even use food colouring!

My No. 1 tip is to use lots of paint. I mean lots, because if you hardly put any in at all, it will be very pale. You can use the straw to blow a huge mound of bubbles (this bit is FUN!) and then get a print of the bubble on your paper. You can blow bubbles onto the paper with the straw, and you can blow lots of bubble foam onto the paper with the foamer that comes in the kit. The foamer is great and you will love blowing huge snakes of bubble foam!

You can have so much fun with bubbles at home, but you really need a good bubble mixture like Dr Zigs. If you wet your hands, or a straw, in the bubble mixture, the bubbles WON’T BURST when they are touched by the wet things! So you can catch bubbles, wobble them about, you can use a wet straw to blow a bubble INSIDE a bubble! And you can blow bubbles just using your hands! I am going to do a video to show you how to do it.

Dr Zigs is a family owned, ethical, eco friendly small company based in Wales. They do so much for charity and the environment, we love Dr Zigs!

This post contains affiliate links and a gifted item from Dr Zigs. My mom is a Bubble Ambassador for Dr Zigs as she uses their products all the time for her bubbleology work. You can use the discount code RachelBubbles for a 5% discount on your purchases.


We are facing an unprecedented time in our lives. During these difficult moments we have decided to take action as a small business. From today: ***Bubbles will still continue to be shipped to you, these are great to entertain kids if you are self-isolating. ***We will post more tips about this in the next few days. ***All our staff will be working from home with one person working on dispatch. ***We have instilled a new cleaning protocol in production and dispatch so you can be sure the bubbles are virus free.*** Please, stay safe, practice social distancing, support your local NHS and neighbours in need. We will be here to answer any questions and provide support for you and your family should you need.

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