a mom’s view of the idea generator

Hello, Sam’s mom here. We’ve used the idea generator in one form or another for years now, I love it! Sometimes I get tired of always deciding what to do, and I just want someone else to give me a plan. A cunning plan! And a best laid plan.

Also, when I suggest things, they are never as well received as when the computer pops up suggestion, of course. If I said ‘let’s paint rocks’ I’d get a eye roll and a naaaaaah, I don’t want to. If the idea generator suggests it, off we go 😀

We used to use the original idea generator all the time, lovingly made from cardboard and junk. An old box from A4 paper, a lid made from old paper sellotaped together. A hole cut for an old stick, which stirs the scraps of paper before you choose your adventure. A hatch where you dip your hand in to pick from a multitude of torn scraps of paper each with a different thing to do on. There was always a disproportionate amount of: Gaming days, pyjama days, Minecraft days, and baking days. Happy Days 🙂

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