And here it is! Your randomly generated idea!

Spin the globe and choose from gazillions of radio stations around the globe with the amazing Radio Garden!

Sam says: This is AMAZING! You can spin the globe, each dot represents a radio station around the world. Spin the globe and see what someone is listening to RIGHT NOW! Each green dot represents a radio station, click on it to home in and listen to their live feed.

Mom says: Wow! This is so cool.  Music, fun, culture, dance, geography, and how did they program this amazing website?!

These are places and activities that have been recommended as being great for children with SEND. Some also have Changing Places toilets, and we will say when they have them! Some of the places and activities are made for children with SEND and others have quiet sessions.

Also, your council’s Local Offer should show SEND groups and activities in your local area-and the council should have a Parent Partnership who would know your local activities as well.

Roll again!